We've been here since 2011.. in search for the good.


The Five Elements

Our identity is made real with our substance. Shababuna, therefore, seeks harmony within the different elements of the world that create substance: metal, wood, water, Earth and fire. Each element is different in its characteristics, and is vibrant in its personality. We appreciate and celebrate that diversity in the same way we celebrate the diversity within mankind. For this reason, we’ve allowed each of Shababuna’s family to select the element that most suits hem and place its icon on their business cards. In order to also become a well-rounded organization, we have also framed our corporate objectives around the five elements.


 Our Methodology

Our corporate values are one thing, but our work process is something else. For that, we have chosen the slogan “Dreams Can Come True”, which embodies the 17 phases we must pass through to achieve the aim of Shababuna Creative hub in IDEATION, CREATION, and ACTIVATION. For this, and in alignment with the elements of the universe, we have chosen to utilize the dark sky and stars as our visual element because we are reaching out beyond what exists in the world to find and deliver meaning through every product we develop.

Our Mission

To achieve the social impact of enhanced standard of living through the development of products and CSR programs targeted towards capacity building of youth in Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision

To improve the standard of living of youth in Saudi Arabia through product development and capacity building.



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