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Training Programs

Shababuna began its work in the summer of 2011 through the creation of youth awareness summer training programs under the Makkah Youth Council for Development, supervised by the Governorate of Makkah Province. The success of this first program, which was an extensive three-week long schedule, allowed for the continuation and development of our work. Our partners were Dallah Volunteering Academy and the Governorate of Makkah Province, and our sponsors were Manuel Supermarket. In 2012, we partnered with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor in developing the content of the training manual. In 2013, we were able to replicate this program in six different cities in the Makkah Province (Makkah, Rabigh, Taif, Qunfutha, Leeth and Jeddah).

Forum/Event Management

Within these few years, we have carried out quite a few public events, forums and exhibitions. In this time, we have understood the capacity-buildling process needed to carry out such events, and have found the partners who can help us execute them in the most orderly fashion.

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Awareness Campaign Management

Since we truly value awareness and understand the link between awareness, community engagement and participation, we focus our efforts on constantly addressing different topics in our five sectors of awareness, and developing campaigns for each:

- Health awareness

- National/civic awareness

- Professional/career awareness

- Social awareness

- Socio-cultural/educational awareness


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Content Development

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As a part of our social work, we develop content tailored for youth. Now, we are glad to be offering this as one our services to our clients. With our researchers, trainers and designers, we are capable of creating complete training manuals along with the programs needed to roll out these manuals from training the trainer to equiping the trainer with the needed tools and skills to conduct these programs. First, we get to know you and understand what the training needs within your company are, then we work alongside your team to develop the material for this training program, which would allow for a more sustainable, long-term, internal training system within your company.

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting Services

Since we're all about social impact, we love helping our clients in developing their Social Responsibility strategies. This is quite a tailored process that goes through orientation, value identification, cause selection, data collection then strategy design and implementation.

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